About Us

Emerging in 1998, in the security industry in Kuwait, we have changed the dynamics of the industry as a whole by moving the goalpost further. We have set new standards for the industry by establishing newer landmarks within the industry. Today we are a dynamic and growing company with a core strength of experienced professionals.

Group Five provides clients with a wealth of this experience by its core competency in the field. We score with our customers by always adhering to international standards and total quality practices at all times. We provide the technical design, sales, installation and after-sales-service, tailored to the customerís specific needs, after studying their risk and threat perception.

We study, analyze, design and provide solutions to customers with a diverse range of security needs. Our focus is on providing expert security advice, risk analysis reviews & turnkey solutions. We offer expertise, technical assistance, partial, modular or complete security solutions to clients who require secure & safe facilities, procedures and processes.

Our principals, the suppliers of products and services, are also carefully selected from a broad spectrum of small, medium and the largest of international suppliers, manufacturers and systems integrators who have an extensive background within the industry.

Group Five Operations are divided into the following divisions.